Top 10 Applicant Tracking Software 2018 Edition

Have you been searching for Applicant Tracking Software? Do you need the Best Applicant Tracking Software? Don’t Panic, we have taken much our time to compile the “Top Best 10 Applicant Tracking Software”

Get access to an applicant tracking system free today and use it to organize your hiring process. We’ve listed the top free applicant tracking systems and included customer ratings to help you make a decision fast.

Free Applicant Tracking Systems:

Our Ranking ATS Name Average Customer Rating
1. OneRecruit 5.0
2. Recruiteze 5.0
3. RecruitBPM 5.0
4. Track (by Angellist) 5.0
5. Zoho Recruit 4.5
6. SmartRecruiters 4.0
7. JobScore 4.0
8. 4.0
9. OpenCATS 3.0
10. iKrut 3.0
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Free Applicant Tracking System FAQs:

Will use an applicant tracking system free actually work for my business?

For a small business with few employees, a free online applicant tracking system can be the perfect tool to organize your hiring.

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Most of the free ATS offered to limit the number of users you can have before you need to start paying.

This may mean a cap on candidates, a cap on the number of other employees that can access the system with their own accounts, or both. Overall, it seems like a fair way to price an ATS. As your company grows, you’ll need to pay a little more, but prices are usually reasonable.

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Where can I find an applicant tracking system software free download?

There aren’t many downloadable versions of an applicant tracking system free to use these days, besides OpenCATS. As far as I can tell, they’re all cloud-based.

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If you do find an applicant tracking system free download that isn’t CATS be sure to have someone familiar with IT check it out to be sure it doesn’t contain viruses.

Is a free online applicant tracking system as good as a paid one?

It really depends on what your needs are. Free applicant tracking software can be great if you’re not set on too many features. If you’re unsure, just give free ATS software a try and see if it’s adequate for you.

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Also, many of the paid ATS systems give free trials, so you can test those to get a sense of the difference.